Basic Chaplain Course

Suicide Intervention (CTA 5700)

CTA 5700 - Suicide Intervention is an online, self-paced course with 8 modules. Students will earn 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and receive a signed Certificate of Completion after completing all assignments. Upon receiving the textbooks, students will be enrolled and have 90 days of access to complete the course.

Course Description: The course provides an overview of suicide and suicide intervention. In this course, you will develop and explain your own biblical and theological foundations for understanding and dealing with suicidal ideation in your ministry environment. You will develop your skills in assessing suicide risk, counseling with someone presenting with suicidal thoughts, and determining how to guide someone at risk of suicide. You will explore the various reasons at-risk persons consider suicide, as well as the factors that will help you understand the person’s risk of self-harm. Most importantly, this course will help you understand the dynamics of counsel or conversation with an at-risk person, providing a road map you can use to guide them to safety. While your theology of suicide is important for your ministry, the emphasis of this course is to understand how to maintain focus on the at-risk person’s immediate need for safety from suicide while considering how to minister to them from your theological understanding post-crisis.

  • Welcome Video
  • Getting to Know You Survey
  • Suicide Intervention Course Syllabus
  • Suicide Intervention Module 1 Video
  • Module 1: Suicide Statistics, Risk Demographics, and Myths
  • NIH Link for Suicide Statistics
  • Module 1 Reflection Paper
  • Module 1 Journal
  • Suicide Intervention Module 2 Video
  • Module 2: Theologies and Theories of Suicide
  • When Your Brain Automatically Jumps to Suicide as the 'Answer' by Megan Potts
  • Module 2 Paper - Theology of Suicide
  • Module 2 Journal
  • Suicide Intervention Module 3 Video
  • Module 3: Helping the At-Risk Person
  • Module 3, Chapter 5 Discussion Questions
  • Module 3 Reflection Paper
  • Module 3 Journal Entry
  • Suicide Intervention Module 4 Video
  • Module 4: The Suicidal Brain
  • Suicide Intervention: Understanding the Suicidal Brain, Van Heeringen & Marusic
  • Module 4 Paper - The Suicidal Brain
  • Module 4 Journal Entry
  • Suicide Intervention Module 5 Video
  • Module 5: Ministering to Suicide Attempt Survivors
  • Module 5 Response Paper - C.S. Lewis "The Problem of Pain"
  • Module 5 Journal Entry
  • Suicide Intervention Module 6 Video
  • Module 6: Caring for the Caregivers
  • Kevin Hines Survivor Video
  • Module 6 Reflection Questions
  • Module 6 Journal Entry
  • Suicide Intervention Module 7 Video
  • Module 7: Helping Those Left Behind
  • Module 7 - Homily
  • Module 7 Journal Entry
  • Suicide Intervention Module 8 Video
  • Module 8: Conclusion
  • Module 8 - Christian-based Counseling article
  • Module 8 Reflection Paper
  • Module 8 Journal Entry
  • Next Steps Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed